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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Housing Authority Board Meeting

The Housing Authority Board met on April 26.

Among the items discussed were:

1. Continuation of the discussion of the policy for "Admissions and Occupancy"

2. The proposed budget for 2007 was presented and accepted.

  • $10.8M in expected revenues and $10.6M in expected expenses.
  • An increase of about $200,000 in Section 8 voucher allocations. This will increase the number of vouchers as well as provide higher amounts for current vouchers.
  • Increased maintenance funding for many needed improvements including painting the exterior of McCown Towers.
  • More employee training funds.
  • It was stated that the Housing Authority is in a much better financial position compared to a year ago.

3. Program updates included

  • Currently there is only one vacancy in the entire 530 unit complex (includes McCown Towers). Much improved compared to lasty year.
  • There is in place a quick turn around process for getting a unit ready for the next tenant when a current tenant moves out. Typically the turn around time is 2-3 days.
  • All outstanding tenant iniated work orders have been completed.

4. Elections for officers of resident neighborhoods will be held this coming Saturday. The elections were postponed when a representative from the supervisor of elections office did not show up as expected. This third party oversight is needed to assure fair elections.

5. There was a "heated" discussion of an article that appeared in the Venice Gondolier last weekend in which the attorney recently hired by the Resident's Association was quoted.


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