Sarasota Housing Authority Resident's Association

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mothers and Fathers Support Group

"Understanding Parental Empowerment"

This group of about a dozen residents has been gathering on a weekly basis for several months in an effort to improve their community and their lives. They accept help but know that ultimately it is up to each individual to take control of their lives and find ways to improve. Wortking together as a group helps tremendously in this journey.

The group talks about living in a dangerous place in dangerous times. However they believe it is within their power to change their community - to make Sarasota’s public housing a safer community.

Organization, vision, communication and action are keys.

"We are capable people - there is too much out there, other people thinking we are not capable. We are capable. We want a better life and we will get there" says Jacqui Green on of the group's leaders (pictured on the left).

The group is discussing ways to identify resident's needs and how to find tailored help where required.

A mentoring plan is being developed for residents and willing volunteers in the Sarasota community. The Unitarian Universalist Church in Sarasota is helping to set up the mentoring program. Other projects include getting Florida Power and Light to pay attention to billing issues, looking at communication options like a newsletter, and looking for ways to wstablish reliable baby sitting when there are evening meetings that involve the residents.
The Mothers and Fathers Support Group is working toegther to address issues that will improve their community and their lives.


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