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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Parent Support Group

[At left is Jackie Green - group leader for Parent Support Group]


Mission Statement:
The parent support group provides support andempowerment to public housing parents who seek self-sufficiency in theareas of parenting, home management, employment, education and training, and community involvement.

1. To provide a resident-driven context based on trusting relationships wherein parents will be motivated to explore new life goals;
2. To further the knowledge base of parents in effective child-rearing practices;
3. To increase the knowledge base of parents regarding community resources related to child care, home budgeting, and opportunities for employment, education and training, and community involvement.

1. To remove barriers to parent participation by assisting parents with transportation and child care;
2. To provide group leadership that facilitates the development of group norms that promote trust wherein honest communication can occur;
3. To schedule presentations by community resources in areas defined by group members (e.g. budgeting practices; utility billing practices; adaptive ways to deal with conflict at home and in job settings, etc.);
4. To develop a resource directory in the areas of affordable child care, low cost children’s clothing, low cost furniture, insurance and health providers, and opportunities for employment, education and training and community involvement;
5. To facilitate the relationship between public housing residents who are group members and designated community mentors who will support, motivate, and enhance knowledge areas defined by the residents.

Group Design and Group Leadership:
The parent support group meets for two hours weekly at the Janie Poe Residents Association or at a location agreed upon by group members. The group leaders are Marion Goldberg, Ph.D. and Ms. Jackie Green, public housing resident.

As the professional leader, Dr. Goldberg is responsible for the following tasks:
1) Creates the self-sufficiency curriculum;
2) Co-leads the group with Ms. Jackie Green when available;
3) Provides weekly consultation to the paraprofessional group leader.

The paraprofessional group leader, Ms. Jackie Green, is a public housing resident who is responsible for the following tasks:
1) Receives weekly consultation from Dr. Goldberg;
2) Creates a monthly schedule for self-sufficiency curriculum topics and speakers;
3) Liaisons with mentors recommended by the Public Housing Task Force who are assigned to designated public housing residents in the parent support group;
4) Facilitates the creation of a resource directory by assigning tasks to committees within the group;
5) Assigns responsibility for child care, refreshments, and transportation assistance;
6) Leads or co-leads group discussions wherein open, honest, supportive communication occurs;
7) Maintains attendance records and documentation of community service records.


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