Sarasota Housing Authority Resident's Association

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Party Time

The Public Housing Task Force hosted a Christmas party for about 100 kids from the Sarasota Housing Authority. We had sandwiches, chicken nuggets, chips, punch, fruit and candy. Red and green cupcakes made for a sweet dessert.

A DJ provided a variety of Holiday music.

Dancers from Booker Middle School presented two ballet interpretations from the Nutcracker, then engaged the kids is a jazzy dance version of Jingle Bells.

Of course presents the order of the day for all the kids.

Bill Russell, Executive Director of the Housing authority, and his new daughter stopped by to join in the festivities.

Kids heading for the food!Bill and his daughter

The D.J. Kids dancing to Jazzy Jingle Bells...

Good food with a smile.
Getting stickers on the way in.

Food.... More food!

And more food. And more food!


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