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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Notes From Public Housing Task Force Meeting of July 18

Notes supplied by Jude Levy:

The RFP to selected developers has been sent out. Those who choose to apply will have to have their proposals in by 8/31. Those finalists will be reviewed by the committee; some in person interviews may be scheduled. The finalist will be selected by October 31.

Jean Slocum gave a report on the League of Women Voters Forum on the future of public housing.

A social worker has been selected and will be located in Janie Poe soon.

Valerie's church, Bethel CME, has decided to become involved in a pilot literacy project in Janie Poe. The national program is called "Tots 'N' Teens". Adults will be included, too. Ms. Geneva Mays is helping educate the children in public housing, too. It was suggested that the Literacy Council be contacted to bring programs on site.

Jackie Diaz gave an update on Bertha Mitchell, the Courts & Orange Avenue. She reported less drug dealing in the neighborhood. Carmen Valenti had met with the Sarasota City police about the problems. Thirteen people have been picked up recently going for drugs on the edges of public housing at 21st, 22nd & Dixie. These events don't seem to be reported in the papers noted Valenti. The City put up No Trespassing signs which have been torn down.

A roving tow truck will be coming around evenings and weekends for illegally parked cars.

Jackie Green introduced three women in the Parents Support Group and they all reported their positive experiences in the group. Jackie reported that one mother is learning to read. Mentors help with resources. She's hoping to grow the group from 10 to 20. It is important that the mothers learn how to present themselves, how to come up with solutions. Some topics they wish to cover are self sufficiency, dealing with conflicts. Various speakers will be invited to the meetings. Parents are looking for tutoring services for their children.

The parents meet every Tuesday from 10 am to noon at the SHARO office in Janie Poe. The UU Church has been generous providing mentors, FPL certificates, funds for the residents fund.

Karen Curry will bring the Public Housing Newsletters when it's published to share with the Task Force.

Phone service to the resident office has been turned off for months yet the bill keeps growing. Bill Russell and Jon Preiksat will look at the issue and try to get service severed. Perhaps new phone service could be put under the Housing Authority and the cost taken out of the resident allotments given to the Housing Authority by HUD.

Carmen Valenti mentioned an article about HUD funding cutbacks. I shall send this article separately.


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