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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rent Hikes at Sarasota's Public Housing

Article published Jul 24, 2006 in the Sarasota Herald Tribune

Rent hikes

The Sarasota Housing Authority is considering raising the "flat rents" it charges tenants who prefer not to have their rents based on their incomes.

1 bedroom: From $294 to $400
1 bedroom (McCown Towers): From $294 to $500
2 bedrooms: From $313 to $500
3 bedrooms: From $344 to $600
4 bedrooms: From $375 to $700
5 bedrooms: From $383 to $750

Sarasota public housing rents may rise By DALE WHITE

SARASOTA -- Thirty-two of the 482 households in cityhousing projects could be in for a substantial rent hike, nearly 60 percent inmost cases.

The tenants have the option of switching to a different method forcalculating their rents, which could soften the blow.

Even so, the proposed jumpin monthly expenses comes as a"shock" for Housing Authority residents who paywhat are called "flat rents," said Valerie Buchand, a tenant advocate who paysthat way herself.

Read the full article at the SHT website.


At 10:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the housing authority is charging too little for their apartments, they have been neglectful in raising the rents sooner. Tenants can still switch to income-based rents and remain in affordable housing, the housing program can better survive HUD's inadequate housing

At 4:24 PM , Anonymous said...

i just have 1 a single mom who has never seen 1cent from my son's dad. i have worked 1-2 jobs always. i am worn down & out. he is almost 13 and we need 2 bedrooms!! i work hard and am trying to get a 2nd job..again. i suffered a bad injury as a passenger in a car 10 months ago..bills are high and i can barely feed my son, yet i make..ha"too much" money to get help! what are the working '?middle" class moms to do??
i need to come up with $1500 to move with all the 'down payments' and yet still pay the last months rent where we are!!
how how how and how do i get help?? i am educated,pay allmy son's & my insurance, pay car and car insurance and ect.. and i half support his 19 year old brother!
now.. do i have to quit my job to get help for my sons and myself??
someone please help us!!
thanks kay

At 10:08 PM , Blogger Valerie Buchand said...

It has been close to 4 1/2 years now since we have been working on positive changes. We have come a long way. However iit seems as if we are going back to those days where residents wasn't treated right, where the board don't believe the Executive Director can do no wrong. Here we are facing some of these challenges again only this time in a nicer way. No one is listening.
We have a property manager that look for ways to evict residents, he talk to residents with disrespect. Resident Services aren't allowed to talk to residents about the lease if they have questions. We are headed backwards. Friends in HUD superseed residents rights. This is a problem. HUD need to have accountablity for all Executive Directors.So political but guess what you to have to meet judgement. Sarasota Residents are in need of help again.
Look for the up coming CD on what is really happening!


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